Learn About the Home You Want to Buy

Learn About the Home You Want to Buy

Home Inspections For Buyers in Charlotte, MI

When you’re getting ready to buy a home, you want to be assured of your decision. You want to know if there are any underlying problems. You want to know if you’re making a good investment. MH Home Inspection provides buyer inspections, so you can get all the details you need before the closing date. We’ll look at all the major systems in the home, including:

Heating and cooling

By having a home inspection done, you can ask for any repairs to be made as part of your home sale. Call (517)-449-1666 today to schedule a buyer inspection in the Charlotte, MI area.


If you’re preparing to list your home for sale, a seller inspection lets you know about any potential problems or defects you can take care of in advance of listing. You have to assume a homebuyer will find the same things and ask for them to be fixed.

An inspection report gives you time to address any minor issues as you move closer to a sale. It also allows you to be confident in your asking price. Contact MH Home Inspection to get your home examined before you sell it.